The Veteran Podcast
The Veteran Podcast

Episode 3 · 2 weeks ago

Career Fairs, Employment Assistance, and Veteran Stereotypes


A few news stories this week, followed by an editorial on veteran stereotypes. If you want to get involved with the podcast, give feedback, etc, please email 


National Virtual Career Fair

Put on by Recruit Military, and sponsored by Disabled Veterans of America, Tuesday, Feb 16th from 12-4 pm EST (9am - 1pm PST).

Employment Assistance Workshops for Transitioning Military Spouses

The U.S. Department of Labor has launched a new monthly series of career workshops to provide employment assistance to transitioning military spouses.

Billions for veterans programs affected by the coronavirus.

Latest Coronavirus relief plan will also include about $17B in extra funds for veterans, with most allocated to VA health care and related services.

“My Veteran Problem” Elliot Ackerman, NY Times

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